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Tenerife is the Canary Island with the largest number of Italian residents, Italians who form the first largest foreign community in the Canary Islands.

The large presence of Italians and the spread of not only culinary but also wine culture. And that is why we have launched an online site for the sale of Italian wine in Tenerife and in all the Canary Islands, thanks to shipping with Correos.

All our wines that you find on the site are ready for delivery in Gran Canaria, this means that it is possible to obtain them in 48 hours in Tenerife and in 72/96 hours in all the other islands. A convenient, easy and reliable service thanks to the use of a whole series of measures that allow us not only to offer quality Italian wine, but also a quality service:

Transport and warehouse at controlled temperature
The whole shipping process from the winery in Italy to our central warehouse here in the Canaries takes place at a controlled temperature and in the same way the wine is kept at a constant temperature despite the prohibitive summer temperatures in the Canary Islands.

Shipping with the best specific packaging for sending wine
Orders are processed by inserting every single bottle in a protection that isolates it from all other bottles and from all sides. Then all the bottles are placed in a further box. This technique guarantees that in no process of sending, even in the event of an accidental fall to the courier, the bottles are damaged. Moreover, an air chamber is generated that does not allow thermal changes.

Then we deliver red wine to Tenerife, white wine, Prosecco, Franciacorta and the famous Lambrusco Otello Ceci.

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