Aglianico Contado Riserva DOC 2016 Di Majo Norante


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Vintage: 2016
Denomination: D.O.C.
Vine variety: Aglianico
Format: 0.75 lt
Alcohol: 14.5%
Sulfites: Contain sulfites
Type: Aglianico
Service temperature: 16° / 18°
View Rojo rubí con reflejos granates.
Svg Vector Icons : Smell Nariz amplia e intensa con notas de fruta madura.
Taste En boca suave y aterciopelado, justamente tánico con un postgusto de cereza negra., muy armonioso con buen cuerpo

Aglianico is an ancient vine, probably originating in Greece and introduced in Italy around the VII-VI century BC There is no certainty about the origins of the name, which could date back to the ancient city of Elea (Eleanico), on the Tyrrhenian coast of Campania , or more simply a distortion of the word Hellenic (for the origin of Greece). The original name (Elleanico or Ellenico) became Aglianico during the Aragonese domination during the 15th century, due to the double L pronounced in Spanish phonetic usage. Aglianico Contado Riserva Di Majo Norante: the ancient culture of the winemaker combined with modernity and the future.

Processing method

In small steel fermenters with long maceration.

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