Cleopatra Moscato Oro


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Compared to other traditional bain-marie systems operating in Italy, the distillates obtained with Crysopea are significantly improved due to: – an increase in the terpenic floral note – a sharp decrease in head impurities – a significant decrease in esters – a reduction in methyl alcohol. The application of vacuum to the distillation process was already attempted towards the end of the 19th century but it took many decades for it to be used in a productive and not only experimental way, in consideration of the considerable technical difficulties associated with the risk of implosion of the still. and the condensation of vapors. The main advantage of vacuum distillation consists in lowering the boiling point of alcohol and the various volatile compounds present in the marc. This allows to obtain a distillate characterized by delicate fruity and floral aromas which, being flickering, are normally lost due to the temperatures present inside a boiler. Cleopatra Moscato Oro is obtained from very fresh Moscato marc from Vo ‘, in the Euganean Hills. It is characterized by an extreme finesse and an aromatic cleanliness that is rarely found in a distillate. A short stay in oak barrels completes the structure.
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