Rose Wine

Many think that the Italian rosé wine also called Rosè is a wine given by the mixture between red and white, the truth is that it is extracted exclusively from red berried grapes, essentially exploiting the pulp which is always white and using different the skins. Italian rosé wine goes perfectly with both meat and fish thanks to its great gastronomic versatility: drinkable, summery and seductive, but it is also a wine that can stand out among the best Italian wines for its elegance and complexity. The world of Italian rosé (or rosa) wine is incredibly complex and colorful. In Italy it is produced from north to south, declined in a thousand different interpretations that give light to the best Italian rosé wines.
The north, for example, boasts fresh and slender interpretations of Rosè, produced in the areas of Lake Garda. Going down we find rosé wine in Sicily and Puglia.

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