La Lomellina

Towards the end of 1500, in Genoa, six rich and powerful families undertook a great urban and architectural renovation. One of the families that took part in the extensive modernization work was the Lomellini family. The area around Gavi was favored for the construction of numerous estates. Even the Lomellinis were not far behind and after having erected their own representative palaces in the city, one of them, Giacomo Lomellini, went into the beautiful countryside of lower Piedmont, around Gavi, to build his own country estate, which was called “La Lomellina”. For more than 200 years in the “La Lomellina” company of Gavi Marchese Raggio the Cortese vine has been cultivated, as reported by the epigraphs of the time that date the planting of the vineyards to the beginning of 1800. “La Lomellina” of Gavi Marchese Raggio continue the tradition of the founders, keeping the vineyards in the positions identified by the ancient winemakers. After a restructuring of the vineyards which took place in the first decade of the 2000s, the vineyard area reached 16 hectares, all in a single body. Ours is a low-impact viticulture, “La Lomellina” by Gavi Marchese Raggio is in fact in organic conversion, and will be certified organic in the 2019 harvest. Ours is a hilly viticulture carried out on white lands rich in sand, where only the vine is grown , the Cortese, has found its highest qualitative expression. For years, the company has eliminated chemical herbicides and significantly reduced invasive interventions for the environment, preferring agronomic and mechanical operations.

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