Di Majo Norante

Di Majo Norante has been producing wines from its own grapes since 1800, as evidenced by the cellars under the square and in the old family palace in Campomarino. Di Majo Norante produces its wines exclusively from the 123 hectares of the ancient fief of the Norante Marquises of Santa Cristina. The winemaking philosophy of the Di Majo Norante company respects the traditional approach to vine cultivation and wine production, in an attempt to preserve all the characteristics of Mediterranean blends. In Molise wine has a tradition that dates back to the Samnites and the Romans, who introduced the cultivation of the vine. The production methods are those handed down from one generation to another in the southern Apennines, always linked to the values ​​of the peasant world. The Masseria di Majo Norante is located north of the Gargano, in the Ramitelli district, in the countryside of Campomarino, where the clayey soil, partly sandy and the summer breeze combine to create a particularly favorable habitat. The predisposition to select clones of southern indigenous vines, through the study of their adaptability to the soil, is at the origin of all Di Majo Norante wines. Grapes of ancient vines such as Aglianico, Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Tintilia for the production of red wines, Falanghina and Greco for the production of whites; Royal Moscato for the sweet passito. The experimentation with these vines and the good results achieved have pushed the winery to persevere in the courageous choice that allows it to produce great wines that perfectly respond to the complexity of contemporary taste.

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