In 1938 grandfather Otello Ceci ran one of the most renowned taverns in the lower Parma area. Here, tasting the typical dishes of the tradition, the diners tasted the renowned Lambrusco that Otello Ceci produced with grapes from local producers. His sons Bruno and Giovanni were the first to realize that Lambrusco deserves great success: it is the roaring 60s and the tavern is transformed into a cellar. Today his grandchildren Alessandro, Maria Teresa, Maria Paola, Elisa and Chiara lead a family business in spirit, which however exports all over the world, helping to define a new standard for the recognition of Lambrusco.

1992 Our best traditional Lambrusco takes the name of “Terre Verdiane” and identifies our territory and our culture. This name and a revolutionary packaging made Ceci 1938 known all over the world.

2003 Otello Ceci nero di lambrusco is born, with its intense scent of blackberry and violet. Instinctively predisposed to any combination, it becomes a premium product and dresses in gold to tell the whole class of the most typical Emilia, interpreter of the revolution that has made Lambrusco love all over the world.

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