Azienda Agricola Brandolini was founded in 1873 with Alessio’s great-grandfather, Carlo. We have always been in the Municipality of San Damiano al Colle (PV), where most of our vineyards are located. Other land planted with vines are located in the municipalities of Rovescala and Montù Beccaria, for a total of 9 hectares.
Ventura ”means“ destiny ”and is a recurring word in the history of the Brandolini family. It is the story of a man and his great passion for the place that saw him born and grow up. And it is precisely the destiny that leads Brandino as a teenager from Paris, where he was studying without much enthusiasm, to an experience in a kibbutz west of Haifa. The contact with the work of the land excites him to the point of making him undertake agricultural studies at Texas A. & M. University.
After completing his studies, the return to Venice and his beloved Vistorta is once again a very strong emotion: a place that from a happy childhood playground becomes a home for adulthood. But it is still fate that, after a stay in the Bordeaux estates of Château Greysac, make him, together with the oenologist George Pauli, make the decision to bet everything on the Merlot grape. The results are not long in coming and after a few years they are sanctioned by prestigious awards to confirm that the path taken is the right one: the Vistorta is not long in establishing itself as one of the great Italian wines

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