Baglio di Pianetto

More than twenty years have passed since the foundation of Baglio di Pianetto: they are told with the harvests, with the wine, with the productive maturity reached in the vineyard and whose purpose is – always – a high-density wine production, where a balance between tradition and innovation. This particular harmony inevitably passes through respect for the integrity of excellent raw materials, in a parallel framework of optimization of natural resources that those territories – different and opposite – express character. A process under the banner of cutting-edge technology which, however, does not forget how wine is born and develops in the vineyard, not in the cellar. It is the awareness of its own history that maintains Baglio di Pianetto’s bond with its chosen territories, the countryside of Palermo and the Val di Noto, an authentic expression of two opposing terroirs yet functional to a design of quality, because they are indeed complementary. The eco-sustainable production of Baglio di Pianetto, confirmed and strengthened by the conversion to organic of the entire agricultural heritage (about 160 ha), is also an expression of attention to the requests of enthusiasts who want to know what they buy and drink. Desires and ideas that have become reality only thanks to the love for Sicily and the passion for wine, a love supported by innovative and courageous choices, and which is renewed today in the second and third generations who work alongside the founder, as a testimony of the historic entrepreneurial commitment of the Marzotto family.

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