Antonio Argiolas at the end of the thirties founded the winery. For decades he has made it grow, and has continued to be present even when he passed the baton to his children. Today his grandchildren, the third generation of the family, work here. They work in a precious territory. It is in the middle of the Mediterranean that softens the climate, between sun and wind, with landscapes and soils perfect for vines and vineyards. Preserving and keeping all this intact is a responsibility, a daily commitment that guides them in every decision. We carefully choose the land of our vineyards, for the soil, the exposure, the climate, the altitude. Each estate is different and makes the bunches it gives birth to unique. The Serdiana estates, in the Sibiola countryside, are the closest to the winery. They host some of the best known traditional Sardinian vines and extend for about 45 hectares, divided into two parts: Iselis of about 35 hectares and Su Pranu of about 10 hectares. In these vineyards we produce both white and red grapes and put our new cultivation techniques to the test, before using them in the other estates.

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