The work of man shapes the territory, transforming it in shapes and rhythms.
Since 1984, the year in which Nazzareno Pola founded the family business in the heart of the Valdobbiadene Docg production area, Andreola has been an active part of this transformation. Today Stefano Pola continues to run the company with the same philosophy as his father. From the vineyard to the final bottling in the cellar, it is necessary to wisely combine ancient methods and modern technologies, passion with reason.
An evolution that has led Andreola to fully understand the “character” of Valdobbiadene Docg, to the point of being able to express a unique style of wine, characterized by the purity of the product and the maximum enhancement of its original characteristics: creaminess on the palate, intense fruity and elegant aromas on the nose, harmony and balance. An elegance, the one that distinguishes Andreola’s Valdobbiadene Docg, which since 2009 the company has begun to express with increasing attention also in the aspects of image and communication. That year the Docg line was launched with a bottle with customized shapes and molds together with the redesign of the company brand, to continue through an iconic and contemporary communication with the Bollè line, and finally find a further essentiality in the new Rive line. Selection, whose minimal packaging emphasizes at the same time the uniqueness and traceability of the vineyards from which these sparkling wines are produced

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